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A powerful masterclass to activate your potent sales power. 

New clients sliding into your DM's with messages like "I want to work with you 1:1" or "send me the link" can be normal in your world. No more convincing, chasing or handling objections required. When you flick the switch on your magentic sales power "HELL YES I'M IN" becomes the norm. 

Magentic sales comes from a grounded, leaned back energy, from certainty, confidence and power in what you do. 

Live Monday 20th June 10am AEST. (5pm PDT, 8pm EDT Sunday 19th June)


To activate your magnetic sales power!

Hi, I'm Susan Francis...

If you’re here then you’ve been called here for a reason. You have been called here because you know within your soul you are capable of so much more and you are 

wanting to unleash your full potential. You have a feeling deep inside of you that when you unlock the ‘secrets’ and  release what's holding you back then your life and your business will soar. And you are right!

Our businesses and our lives are a reflection of our energy, beliefs and expectations. Once you harness the tools and power to shift these things you’re able make radical shifts quickly. Quantum leaps. And that's exactly what I’m here to help you do.

Ways to work with me

1:1 Coaching

Work with me 1:1 over 3 or 6 months to completely transform your life and business. Get prepared to quantum leap. 

Limited availability.



High touch containers to help high level women expand to the next level. Calibrate to a whole new level of wealth and abundance.

Limited numbers. 


Courses & Masterclasses

Live courses, self-paced programs, potent masterclasses. Trainings to meet you where you're at.


"Susan helped me to trust my inner guidance and understand the pulls that I needed to follow in order for my business to expand and make quantum leaps. In the three months after I signed up my revenue went from 10K per month to 35K."

Caroline De Kimpe, Career Coach

"While working with her, I manifested $10,000 in 2 days and signed up 2 new team members in my network marketing business in a matter of days! I am so much more connected with my higher self and able to receive intuitive guidance."

Yvonne Burkart, Chief Toxicologist and Spiritual Scientist

"The first word I would use to describe my experience with Susan, would be 'Miraculous'. Miraculous as such because, the results brought greater more advanced aspects of leadership skills, healing of past traumas, wisdom, launching my business, the release of limiting beliefs, the increased knowledge around manifestation, visualisation, alignment."

Shelley Gibson, Transformation and Mindset Coach

"Loved working with Susan. The things that I didn’t know I had buried so deep have now been cleared and feel so light & refreshed. This is the first time I have worked with coach/mentor. I would highly recommend Susan, the work we did was so mind blowing. I’m a better person for it."

Karen King, Health Ambassador


A mindset and manifestation podcast empowering female entrepreneurs to quantum leap their success with ease and flow.

Unlike other podcasts in the space I have a no BS approach and like to keep things simple and actionable.


Ready to work with me 1:1?

If your soul is calling you here, if you know you're ready to blow up your business, and are ready to go all in then this invitation is for you. Let's chat. 

My 1:1 is for the highly ambitious woman that is ready to rapidly scale on their own terms, without the hard work and struggle. That are ready to do the inner work, align their energy, and want a coach to call them out on their BS so they can move fast. If this is you, I can't wait to talk!  Send me a DM now or book in a call. Spots are limited.


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